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(Mar 23, 2017)
No details on when the raid opens though
(Mar 23, 2017)
7.2 on Tuesday. Fun fun!
(Mar 21, 2017)
Sorry to hear about your lack of internet access Verata!
(Mar 20, 2017)
So... a hit-and-run ass-hat crushed the Comcast box across the street which has wrecked our internet access; we're coordinating with Comcast for repairs, but I may miss some raiding this week, depending on how long they take.
(Mar 18, 2017)
Going fishing today with the boys. Hope the fish are biting
(Mar 16, 2017)
Good work, all, for getting Tich and Bot down last night despite some folks being out!
(Mar 14, 2017)
I think people really wanted to do Elisande/Guldan Normal then the first 8 heroic bosses tonight. But if we do normal NH on Wednesday I can notify you!
(Mar 14, 2017)
I would be up for raiding with Glenheals ilvl 875 if doing normal mode/farm.
(Mar 13, 2017)
I changed up some of my gear and talents last week and my parses were bad. Going to try some new stuff this week.
(Mar 09, 2017)
From Hunder Discord: Hati (HÂ-tēē): noun, A mentally challenged animal that enjoys staring at you from ledges, cliffs, and stairways. Hati is thought to be deaf, but is not mute. A group of Hatis is known as a Shitstorm.
(Mar 08, 2017)
Congrats on getting Heroic Botanist down tonight!
(Mar 08, 2017)
I'll probably be a bit late tonight. I'm on bedtime duty which probably means I'll be on closer to 8 than 7:30.
(Mar 07, 2017)
I will be a little late for raid tonite have allstars basketball game
(Mar 02, 2017)
Yup! Feels good to be through 7 bosses now!
(Mar 02, 2017)
Good job on getting Heroic Tich and Star Augur down last night! 7/10 H
(Mar 01, 2017)
You can also use Hand of Protection on the tank who is tanking the bloods, and the bloods won't heal, or will they lose aggro (they are fixated).
(Mar 01, 2017)
Thank you!
(Mar 01, 2017)
Grats on shoulders Farb
(Mar 01, 2017)
Not sure about making raid tonight. Family stuffs happening