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Dragon Soul 25 man

Date: Jun 13, 2012
Time: 07:30 PM
Posted by: Mercurio
Tank (1)

18. Solidsnack Paladin

Damage (12)

2. Tínydancer Priest

4. Namerx Hunter

6. Piedray Shaman

10. Sura Druid

11. Mercurio Rogue

12. Ðax Death Knight

13. Magnitivo Rogue

14. Druidbert Druid

15. Rhaejin Hunter

16. Myrolumastis Warlock

17. Eigen Warrior

M. Brewseeker Hunter

Support (6)

1. Tett Paladin

3. Syreenia Druid

5. Megacode Paladin

7. Rastiille Priest

8. Faustryn Priest

9. Ejreborn Shaman



Driving back from Colorado today.. if I'm home in time for the raid, count me in!
this is tentative on what happens at far as i know i will be here
We might be missing heroism in one group, since Ejreborn and Xizindar are locked to the same raid.
I can join in. didn't d/c once last night. woot!
Things do not bode well for me making it tonight either. Or tomorrow either. I hate summer classes. I swear all the mouth breathers come out of hiding.
I am fighting a terrible headache and flu/cold something (throat killing me w/ cough). I'm not going to make it tonight.
Hey all. Got stuck at the farm (freak storm knocked a tree down infront of the gate we needed to exit from) and then traffic home has been horrible. Likely not going to make it tonight either... But atleast I'm in cell range of a tower now. ;0)

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