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#7981876 Jun 13, 2013 at 05:04 PM
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I have been with this game ... oh how long we have been together ( daydreams ).
I have seen all this game has to offer...The many restless nights and many more countless hours pushing the envelope and pushing and pushing and pushing just to be there.. That spot, where everyone looks, That team everyone has heard of only thru hush talk and whispers That sound WAIT that sound again....


Reality hits you so hard ya momma don't even recognize you anymore !

And then , you pull yourself up.. slober seeping from the corner of your mouth ....drool hanging on what seems to be a neverending string of nasty (lol)

Like many others. I have been with wow since its beginning ( 6mons after). When i first starting playing I totally sucked at it. First off. Ididnt know much about computers then. I remember I had so much fun at a friends house playing this game trying to figure it out. One day I went right dow to the rent a center and scooped up the best comp they had to offer. Boy was i stupid lool. This thing hardly played the game and I thought it was me or something. So, I went out and educated myself. BOY O BOY @ first yea i was a clicker. Hardcore clicker because I didnt understand shit. But, That did not stop me, I went out again and searched ot what i needed and put my new found information to good use. thusforth brought me Raiding.... RAIDING OMFG WHAT AN EXP !!!!

Well Wait. It used to be an experience. I still love to raid but groups are harder to find. I still have the boyish side to me that will never go away that say s. Hey do what you like to do . its your life right !


And your standing again ... you just got Ko'ed by LIFE the deadliest of foes... the ONE the ONLY the TRUELY UNDEFEATED CHAPIOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON OF THE WORLD .. LIFE TYSON !!!!!

And now you ... you fall asleep with 30 mins left in the raid. Wake naked and embarrassed,confused and literally drained of any hope you might have had left ......

Cuz all you want to do is raid

To bad the only thing standing between you and it is..


I know I just Came to KOT .. I chose it because of its Motto. People before purples. I want everyone here to know I came over on my on will to raid with you because of that. I apologize if this relationship is starting off rocky . And I assure you that in no way am I trying to be like this. But sometimes this 4 letter word can throw the hardest blows and just when I thought I had it subdued enough to be able to come and have a great time from what i have seen so far as a GREAT buncha people and trust. Im trying to do just that. I need the social interaction on my lvl badly. So i ask only this. Work with me while I continue to fit you into my schedule. And once I have this schedule set in stone for awhile longer . I know We can make this work and Defeat that nasty lil four letter word !

Thx for your time

Wayne A.k.A.

#7982947 Jun 13, 2013 at 10:57 PM
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Wulfe, thank you for joining. And yes balance is important.

I'm still pretty new to this guild, and I think it's exactly what I'm looking for - a good group that pushes, but isn't hardcore. Fortunately we're mostly older players so we have chaos in our lives (kids, oncall, track meets). I hope it will be what you're looking for.

There is a push in the raids for good performance, and that's expected - farming bosses isn't fun, and wiping to the same mistakes isn't either. The Goldilocks zone is somewhere in between.

With that many years of exp under your belt, picking up mechanics should be pretty quick - you'll just need the practice. In addition to our weekly raids, get in on LFRs. They're forgiving and help with practice. Plus you'll farm up the valor and pretty good gear.

Again, we are glad you're here! I hope your schedule falls into place :)
#7982994 Jun 13, 2013 at 11:18 PM
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Like we always say here, RL should always come first before WoW. :) We're very supportive of people doing what they need to keep their family/work stuff in order. We have a very good network of hardworking people who help keep the raids going smoothly, either by always being there to attend raids, by providing raid materials, or offering to help organize, or offering to help other raiders improve their performance.

I hope you'll get your family/work schedule sorted out soon! :)
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