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Very interesting from mmo-champion:

Raid Weekly Quests
New daily (most likely Weekly) raid quests have been added to the game! They currently reward you with Emblem of Frost x 10.

* Lord Marrowgar Must Die! (Icecrown Raid)
* Lord Jaraxxus Must Die!
* XT-002 Deconstructor Must Die!
* Ignis the Furnace Master Must Die!
* Razorscale Must Die!
* Flame Leviathan Must Die!
* Malygos Must Die!
* Patchwerk Must Die!
* Instructor Razuvious Must Die!
* Noth the Plaguebringer Must Die!
* Anub'Rekhan Must Die!
* Sartharion Must Die!

I'm guessing you can either kill the 10 man or the 25 man version to get the kill credit. This is one way to get people to run the "old" raids, though I presume for Naxx/Ulduar people the raid will probably break up after killing the quest target.
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