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#1936832 Nov 22, 2009 at 08:28 PM
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I found this on the WoW official forums and had a good laugh. My 6th grade sense of humor appreciated it:

0. My conversation with a gold seller 08/30/2009 06:24:22 PM PDT
This happened last night in H HoL. My guildies cracked up at it over vent. Enjoy.

Edit: for those reading wanting a follow up to the story, I got whispered again today and the convo is on page 4 with screenshots. third post down.

"<08-30-09 19:11>[Pearpp] hello . today i have a nice deal for u , any interesting?",
"<08-30-09 19:12>[Æsir] Ohhhh, i veby veby intebesting"
"<08-30-09 19:13>[Pearpp] do u want to buy some special price gold ? $8 per k, $75 per 10k,receiving it within 30mins",
"<08-30-09 19:13>[Pearpp] interested in it?",
"<08-30-09 19:13>[Æsir] owwwwww very very interesting awww",
"<08-30-09 19:14>[Æsir] How about better deal?",
"<08-30-09 19:15>[Æsir] 10$ per k, but only 15$ for 10k?",
"<08-30-09 19:15>[Pearpp] $70 for 10k",
"<08-30-09 19:15>[Pearpp] our bottpm price,",
"<08-30-09 19:15>[Pearpp] bottom",
"<08-30-09 19:15>[Æsir] 50$",
"<08-30-09 19:16>[Pearpp] sry , if u need then $70 f or 10k and deliverying within 29 mins",
"<08-30-09 19:16>[Æsir] 30$",
"<08-30-09 19:16>[Pearpp] you can refund if you don't get it within 29mins,thx",
"<08-30-09 19:17>[Pearpp] $70 for 10k",
"<08-30-09 19:17>[Æsir] 30$ for 9k?",
"<08-30-09 19:17>[Pearpp] sry, ",
"<08-30-09 19:18>[Æsir] ok, I was prepared to buy 100k at 30$ for 9 k, but oh well",
"<08-30-09 19:19>[Pearpp] :) . but $70 for 10k is our lowest price, sir",
"<08-30-09 19:19>[Æsir] but i was going to buy 100k! Thats a lot of rice!",
"<08-30-09 19:20>[Pearpp] if u need 100k , then the price is the price is $700",
"<08-30-09 19:20>[Æsir] WOAH!!!!",
"<08-30-09 19:20>[Pearpp] :) ",
"<08-30-09 19:21>[Æsir] NO :) ALL :(",
"<08-30-09 19:21>[Pearpp] but u make me sad,, i has gived u a lowest price now",
"<08-30-09 19:22>[Æsir] there is always a lower price",
"<08-30-09 19:22>[Pearpp] are u sure u want to buy 100k?",
"<08-30-09 19:23>[Æsir] I was, but I think I will go to the gold seller down the street, they super cheap",
"<08-30-09 19:23>[Æsir] sorry",
"<08-30-09 19:23>[Pearpp] if u really need to buy 100k and ill give u the price $650 for 100k , ",
"<08-30-09 19:24>[Pearpp] and 29 mins for deliverying.",
"<08-30-09 19:25>[Æsir] the other one said 100k for only 100$ and 2 min dilivery",
"<08-30-09 19:25>[Pearpp] thats impossible, ",
"<08-30-09 19:25>[Æsir] ok, bye Bob",
"<08-30-09 19:26>[Pearpp] gl",
"<08-30-09 19:26>[Æsir] nothing is impossible if you believe",
"<08-30-09 19:26>[Pearpp] may u get the nice deal , gl",
"<08-30-09 19:28>[Pearpp] but the business is up to honest, ty though, :)",
"<08-30-09 19:28>[Æsir] sorry Bob :(",
"<08-30-09 19:29>[Æsir] are you calling me a liar?",
"<08-30-09 19:29>[Pearpp] no. i trust u ,",
"<08-30-09 19:29>[Æsir] can i borrow 10k gold then?",
"<08-30-09 19:30>[Pearpp] but u dont believe me . :S",
"<08-30-09 19:30>[Pearpp] sry i cant have a right to borrow u gold. sry",
"<08-30-09 19:31>[Æsir] so you DONT trust me?",
"<08-30-09 19:31>[Æsir] trust is the most important thing in a relationship Bob",
"<08-30-09 19:31>[Pearpp] no , just b/c we have company rules. sry",
"<08-30-09 19:31>[Pearpp] im not Bob, sir",
"<08-30-09 19:31>[Pearpp] this is indy, and im a girl lol",
"<08-30-09 19:31>[Æsir] what's your name?",
"<08-30-09 19:32>[Pearpp] indy",
"<08-30-09 19:32>[Æsir] oh :p where do you live?",
"<08-30-09 19:32>[Pearpp] :) i m live in China",
"<08-30-09 19:32>[Æsir] Im 22, how old are you? We should date",
"<08-30-09 19:33>[Æsir] or do you have a bf?",
"<08-30-09 19:33>[Pearpp] not yet, lol",
"<08-30-09 19:33>[Æsir] oooh ;) are you cute?",
"<08-30-09 19:34>[Pearpp] im a cute girl in the real life, ",
"<08-30-09 19:34>[Æsir] hehe, do you have facebook?",
"<08-30-09 19:34>[Pearpp] no , i only have email",
"<08-30-09 19:35>[Æsir] aww :",
"<08-30-09 19:35>[Pearpp] facebook is rarely used in our country ",
"<08-30-09 19:35>[Pearpp] lol",
"<08-30-09 19:35>[Æsir] ok?",
"<08-30-09 19:35>[Pearpp] i often use email lol",
"<08-30-09 19:36>[Æsir] whats your email?",
"<08-30-09 19:36>[Pearpp] lol. but u should be faithful. b/c i turst u ,;)",
"<08-30-09 19:37>[Æsir] I dont havea gf",
"<08-30-09 19:37>[Æsir] You should come to Australia, you can stay with me ;)",
"<08-30-09 19:37>[Pearpp] my email is ********@li##*!@*",
"<08-30-09 19:37>[Pearpp] kk, u dont buy gold from me. if u do that, maybe i can give u a chance ",
"<08-30-09 19:38>[Pearpp] got my email?",
"<08-30-09 19:38>[Æsir] yeah",
"<08-30-09 19:38>[Pearpp] lol",
"<08-30-09 19:38>[Pearpp] u email?",
"<08-30-09 19:38>[Æsir] i will",
"<08-30-09 19:38>[Æsir] my love",
"<08-30-09 19:39>[Pearpp] if u buy gold from me , ill sent u some pics of me",
"<08-30-09 19:39>[Æsir] normal pics or sexy pics?",
"<08-30-09 19:40>[Pearpp] i mean my pics, both",
"<08-30-09 19:40>[Æsir] yummy",
"<08-30-09 19:41>[Pearpp] ^_^ maybe buy more than 30k , is ok , ",
"<08-30-09 19:41>[Æsir] ok :D",
"<08-30-09 19:42>[Pearpp] really? if u dont do that, u will lose the chance",
"<08-30-09 19:42>[Pearpp] b/c i ll leave here tomorrow",
"<08-30-09 19:42>[Æsir] I will think, ill email",
"<08-30-09 19:42>[Pearpp] but il leave here tomorrow",
"<08-30-09 19:43>[Æsir] ill email tonightt",
"<08-30-09 19:43>[Pearpp] but ill leave here tomorrow",
"<08-30-09 19:43>[Æsir] are you trying to take advantage of my love for you?",
"<08-30-09 19:43>[Pearpp] no. i just want a boy who love me , and he can help me out",
"<08-30-09 19:44>[Æsir] If you move to Australia, you wont need to sell gold, i own a shoe factory",
"<08-30-09 19:44>[Pearpp] i see, but i need to go to school ",
"<08-30-09 19:45>[Pearpp] i m a college student",
"<08-30-09 19:45>[Æsir] theres schools here",
"<08-30-09 19:45>[Æsir] what do you study?",
"<08-30-09 19:45>[Pearpp] business english",
"<08-30-09 19:45>[Æsir] I can teach you! I own a shoe factory and I speak English",
"<08-30-09 19:46>[Æsir] can we make love?",
"<08-30-09 19:47>[Pearpp] i see, but i lack a amount of money for my college fee , i need help",
"<08-30-09 19:47>[Æsir] you dont need college, i can teach you, im a shoe factory and own english",
"<08-30-09 19:47>[Pearpp] ty though , i have my own dream , ",
"<08-30-09 19:48>[Æsir] ill dream about you",
"<08-30-09 19:48>[Pearpp] if u dont help me, then ill lose the chance to make my dream come true, thx",
"<08-30-09 19:48>[Æsir] I have to go, i will email you, i love you",
"<08-30-09 19:49>[Pearpp] if u help me , ill love u too, :)",
"<08-30-09 19:51>[Pearpp] if u can give me a suprise tomorrow, ill give u a chance to show u love for me, bye, see u tomorrow",
"<08-30-09 19:51>[Æsir] okies :)",
"<08-30-09 19:52>[Æsir] thanks Bob :)",
"<08-30-09 19:52>[Pearpp] im not BOb",
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#1937758 Nov 23, 2009 at 05:44 AM
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lmao, maybe they will get sdmart and go back to making basketballs and tennis shoes
#1937899 Nov 23, 2009 at 06:33 AM
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I hold you responsible for the cranberry juice I had to clean off of my keyboard. That was epic XD
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