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(Aug 24, 2017)
Yup, 7.3 patch next week, and Antorus should be open in 89 days from now.
(Aug 23, 2017)
Didn't expect to see 7.3 this soon... oh, well.
(Aug 23, 2017)
According to the GamesCom announcement, 7.3 will be released on 8/29, and people are speculating antorus will open on 11/21
(Aug 22, 2017)
I'm either late or out for the raid tonight most likely. Have a work dinner thing that I have to go to and I'm not sure what time it will be over, or what will be going on when I get home. It's the first day of school tomorrow for the littles.
(Aug 20, 2017)
Lufkin little league TX 6- Connecticut-3 Go team
(Aug 17, 2017)
GO southwest little league baseball. Lufkin Tx. My town
(Aug 15, 2017)
I've only gotten one Tomb of Sargeras raid cache mission. Completed it, still haven't gotten another one. Is this a bug?
(Aug 12, 2017)
It is.. I have brought dishonor to the voices of my people.. Morgan Freeman no longer :'(
(Aug 12, 2017)
IS it because your mic works and I heard your voice and you ARE NOT Morgan Freeman?! LIES!
(Aug 12, 2017)
(Aug 11, 2017)
Working next Tuesday night so won't be there for raid
(Aug 09, 2017)
(Aug 09, 2017)
What's the plan tonite?
(Aug 07, 2017)
Having trouble with discord. Working on problem solving it
(Aug 05, 2017)
we made a new discord for the guild, invite never expires:
(Aug 05, 2017)
did someone do something to mumble? cant connect at all, what happened!
(Aug 03, 2017)
We'll save you a seat, Mohagg :)
(Aug 03, 2017)
How was the golfing yesterday Mo?
(Aug 02, 2017)
Golf tonight - late or no show. Gone next week - winery tour with friends down the Gorge. Last trip of the summer. Sorry for the spotty attendance.